It’s Alive! Aliiiive!!

And unlike the movie monster, unlikely to go on a rampage. We think.

Welcome to the Pure Spec 2017 website! Looking around you’ll notice that, while we’re still in the process of adding stuff for this year, there’s some good stuff already in place. More will come in the next few days; I had to make a decision between launching the site so you knew it was here, and continuing to add things, or delaying it until we had it all there. I think I made the right choice, and you’ll see new things popping up on the site almost constantly. If you want to stay on top of all those changes, hit the subscribe button in the side-bar and you’ll get updates on the regular.

But Where is the Registration Page?

The big question we’ve been getting, right after, “Brent, how DO you stay so handsome?”, is how much the registration will be for this year’s festival. Along with many changes to Pure Spec (which I’ll talk about in future posts) the one I’m most proud of this year is: admission to the festival is free. Let me say that again, because it makes me happy.

If you are attending the festival this year, admission is free.

One of the things we talked about during our year off, as we transitioned from a fall to summer festival, was accessibility. We wanted as much of the nerd community in Edmonton to be able to come out and enjoy what is for us, a community event. We recognized that the admission price was often a barrier to attending, and as we were making changes to the festival’s structure anyway, we examined whether it would be possible to reduce or even remove the price of admission. Spoiler alert, it was! We also think it’s sustainable, though that will depend on some factors which…well, you don’t need to worry about that right now. All you need to know is admission is free (it still sounds good, right?).

Our other big change for the festival involves you. As I said, we consider the Pure Spec Festival to be a community event. Which means we want the community to be involved. If you have something nerdy to talk about we want to hear from you. If you’re a geeky artist, crafter, or merchant, we want to put you in front of your fellow geeks. And if you want to get involved with Pure Spec and help us pull it all together, we are happy to have you. Follow the links and join the festivities!

That’s it for now. Expect regular posts as well as updates to the site. I know you’ll have questions, and you can message us on Facebook (and maybe Like the Page while you’re there) or shoot me an email at I’ll get you answers as soon as possible.

I’ll see you at Pure Spec 2017!

Brent Jans, Festival Chair