Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Who doesn’t love the thought of curling up with a bowl of cereal and some Saturday Morning Cartoons? No one, that’s who! Start your festival early on Saturday by joining us for $5 all-you-can eat cereal (and coffee or tea, we aren’t monsters), and then relax in the Lounge and watch some cartoon goodness. And yes, we’ll have some options if you’re lactose or gluten intolerant.

It starts at 8:00am and ends just before the first panels start at 10:00am, so you’ll be full and relaxed to start your day!

We’ll have a poll up soon so you can vote for your favourite cartoons, and we’ll play a selection of the top contenders on the day. And I’m not saying we encourage you to come in pajamas, but we certainly don’t discourage it either. Blanket forts may also occur.