Guests of Honour and Panelists

Every year we have a great line-up of talented Guests of Honour and panelists, and this year is no exception. We’ll be updating this list constantly as we draw closer to the festival, so keep checking back to see who we’ve added to the festivities.

Guests of Honour

Vanessa Cardui
Photo by Llisa Bastard Photography

Vanessa Cardui is a very nerdy musician with an alarming tendency to swing between the whimsical and the tragic. She has been active in the Alberta convention scene since 2009 and has a number of memorable performances at past cons under her belt. In 2013 she released Filk and Cookies to thank the fandom community for all the good times, and also as an attempt to get all her sillies out in one go. Yet the sillies plague her still. Her fifth album, called Patience, is in post-production and features such themes as seafaring, mermaids, star-crossed lovers, space travel, the Apocalypse, and general drunkenness. The release is slated for September 7th of this year.

Ann Marston

Ann Marston has published 8 books, The Rune Blades of Celi Saga–Kingmaker’s Sword, The Western King, Broken Blade, Cloudbearer’s Shadow, King of Shadows and Sword and Shadow, as well as A Still and Bitter Grave and Diamonds in Black Sand. She is an editor for ON SPEC Magazine and has been known to teach writing courses here and there, and helps mentor a beginner writer’s group. She and her son live in a house with a semi-feral back yard, complete with lilacs, apple trees, raspberry canes, tomato plants and a brace of free range Toyota Supras.

Barb Galler-Smith

Barb Galler-Smith is an author and fiction editor living in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She edits for On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic. She writes quirky short science fiction, and is co-author of a Celtic-based historical fantasy epic trilogy, DRUIDS, CAPTIVES, WARRIORS, and a contemporary romantic comedy, UNDER SAINT OWAIN’S ROCK, all with Josh Langston. She’s also taught writing fantasy and science fiction and mentors emerging writers of all ages. She loves fiction that gets facts right, gardening, dogs, and good tequila.