2018 Pure Spec Charity Fundraising

One of the key aspects of the Pure Speculation Festival is community. The festival exists to celebrate community and help it grow. As part of that commitment to community, the Festival has had a tradition of supporting local charities, dating right back to the very first Pure Spec. While we did take a few years off from charitable support while we reconfigured the festival, it was always our intent to come back to that work. Supporting our community in whatever way we can is important, and that belief comes from both the organizers of the festival, and stands as an official priority of the Pure Speculation Festival.

That’s why it makes me so happy to announce that this year, and for at least the next two as well, the Pure Speculation Festival has chosen to support the work of Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS). The work they do in Edmonton is invaluable, and the festival wants to support that work in whatever small way it can.

And you can help! Not only are there two ways listed below in which you can help us raise funds for YESS during the festival, but if you are cash-strapped you can still help us by bringing a donation of items on YESS’s Current Needs list the Registration Desk. We’ll collect those items and make a delivery to YESS post-event.

Thank-you to YESS for allowing us to provide our support to their excellent work, and thank-you in advance to everyone who helps us support them at this year’s festival!

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction has long been a festival favourite, and this year we continue that tradition. We’ve collected a number of exciting items, donated by community members and businesses, and you’ll have a chance to bid on them at the festival. The auction table will be located in the Vendor Hall, and bidding will open at 4PM on Friday and go until 4pm on Saturday, when we’ll announce the winners. Payment can be accepted by cash or credit card (sorry, no debit at this time, though there is an ATM onsite), and must be made at the festival. Stay tuned for a sampling of some of the lots in the coming week. Proceeds from the silent auction will be split evenly between the Pure Speculation Festival Society and our charity, YESS.

Pure Speculation Ultimate SF Quiz

Introduced last year to great acclaim and many strained brain cells, the Pure Speculation Ultimate SF Quiz is a true test of your nerd knowledge, pulling questions from all across the pop culture spectrum. The quiz will take place during the Internerd BBQ on Saturday night, and entry fee is $2, with all proceeds going to YESS. No cell phones or other web-linked devices allowed, this is a test of your little grey cells only! There will be prizes up for grabs, and of course the highly coveted title of Ultimate SF Genius!